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Wize Machine Learning


Machine Learning as a Service form Wize Analytics

Machine Learning for Everyone

There are many built-in modes in the WizeML AutoML framework

You can also create your own custom modes


Perform exploratory analysis, search for a signal in the data, and discover relationships between features in your data with AutoML


Train top ML models with advanced feature engineering, many algorithms, hyper-parameters tuning, Ensembling, and Stacking


Stay a head of competitors and predict the future with advanced ML. Deploy your models in the cloud or use them locally

Build Better ML Models Today

Discover your data properties with automatically created data visualizations.

Track your model’s metrics and results. Get full reproducibility for your Machine Learning experiments.

Achieve great predictive accuracy with advanced ensembling techniques. Stack and combine models for performance improvements.

Understand your data and models with Machine Learning Explanations. Decision Tree plots, Features Importance, SHAP explanations, and more …

Stop model training exactly when it is needed and avoid overfitting with early-stopping.

Improve your model performance by learning on previous model’s errors. Boost sample weight values on difficult data points.

Supported Machine Learning Tasks

Binary Classification

Multi-Class Classification